MESSAGE OF Abdullah Al-Yami CEO of ICON Advanced

The recent acquisition of the “Icon Advanced” of the “HIT Galvanizing” factory for forming and galvanizing metals in Jubail Industrial City, which is considered one of the most important factories in this sector, is considered an important move.

. In order to achieve integration in the company, and support its logistical work with regard to the transportation of oil and gas products, and at the same time enable it to provide the market needs of metal pipes for oil and gas transportation that are resistant to moisture factors, which are characterized by efficiency and high quality.

And based on the fact that “Icon” is considered one of the most important national companies in the field of oil, gas, petrochemicals, energy and water, and it has high capabilities supported by the Salem Balhamer Holding Group, which extends for more than 45 years, this helped it to follow a strategy based on expansion and acquisition to achieve integration in the services it provides, and improving the operational performance of the company.

The company seeks to provide an integrated set of high-quality services that meet the requirements of its customers in this field, and the acquisition policy represents a supportive and complementary step for the company’s strategy, and contributes to achieving its ambitious goals of comprehensive growth, expansion, growth and increased spread.