Electrical division has a vast experience with the installation and termination of various electrical systems within Petrochemical, Gas, Energy, Steel factories and other manufacturing industries.
Major Activities include:
Electrical Substations
Cathodic Protection Systems (Impressed Current and Sacrificial Anode System)
Industrial electrification, Bus Ducts
Cable Duct Banks, Cable trays and Cable Ladders
Structural Fabrication, HV cable Testing And terminations
MCC Panel installation, testing and Commissioning
H.V. Switch Boards and Panels, Bus Ducts
Supply, Installation and testing of Generator Sets, Emergency Power, UPS, Cable laying
AC and DC Distribution Panels & Lighting-Indoor and Outdoor
Industrial Plan illumination, Fence, Lighting, Flood Lighting, Security Lighting
Unit Substations & LV/MV Cable Systems.
LV/MV Transformer Unit, RMU Unit, Bus Ducts, Switchgears, MCC Panels(VFD), Main Distribution Panel etc.
Generator Sets, ATS Unit, UPS & Battery Charger Unit & Grounding and Lighting Systems.
Industrial Plant Illumination, Fence Lighting, Flood Lighting, Security Lighting ( Both Interior and Exterior Lighting Fixtures)
Corrosion Control
Low Current Systems like Fire Alarm Systems, Access Control Systems, Data and Voice systems and industrial CCTV Camera security Systems